Design and Build

Inglispm Design and Build is an end-to-end Refit solution which many of our clients prefer because it minimises lines of communication, saves time, and ultimately provides the most cost-effective Refurbishment solution. Our Design & Build service means that you, the client, only deal with us.
Inglispm’s team will deal with every aspect of your Refurbishment, taking away the stress of liaising with multiple contractors.

There are many elements comprising  Design, with the main ones listed below:

  • Building and Space Evaluation: Our experts will begin with an evaluation of your building and what you wish to be achieved in a refurbishment. We will also provide recommendations based on years of experience to show you what is possible.
  • Interior Design: Design is crucial to ensuring that you, the client, ends up with a refurbishment you are happy with. Fundamentally it is the Design  process that will ensure the end product is what you were expecting and which will have the potential to motivate your employees, impress visitors and provide the ultimate ‘Wow” factor.
  • Expert Project Team: We put together the best expert Refit Team for your refurbishment, to ensure that your  project is delivered to the highest standards and most efficiently.

Our Building Services are second to none. When the Design stage is complete, whether done by Inglispm or your own designers, the build process begins. Our skilled tradesmen use the best grade materials to go with your project along with attention to detail  to ensure the finish will be of the highest order.  Our in house project management and quality control team monitor every aspect of the build insuring completion on time and budget, to a highest standards.

Our building services range from simple installations through to complex alterations and everything in-between. Inglispm can meet your building needs whether you have small or large project. We can do part or all of your project for you having in house expertise and the ability to bring in specialist contractors as needed. Using Inglispm means that, for the build part of your project, you will need to only deal with one dedicated project manager, simplifying communication which ensures we deliver on time and in budget for you.

Building services are what makes a building come to life.

Our Building Services:

Inglispm supply the following Building services:

  •     energy supply – gas , electricity and renewable sources
  •     heating and ventilating
  •     water , drainage and plumbing
  •     daylighting and artificial lighting
  •     ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
  •     communications, telephones and IT networks
  •     security and alarm systems
  •     fire detection and protection
  •     facade engineering


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