Design and Build

If your dream is to have a complete custom home designed and built for you, exactly how you want, then Inglipm is a great company to work with. We will do a complete end to end job so get the keys to your dream home and just move in!

There are many elements in the Design phase, with the main ones listed below:

  • Building and Space Evaluation: Our experts will begin with an evaluation of your building and what you wish to be achieved in a refurbishment. We will also provide recommendations based on years of experience to show you what is possible.
  • Interior Design: Design is crucial to ensuring that you, the client, ends up with a refurbishment you are happy with. Fundamentally it is the Design  process that will ensure the end product is what you were expecting and which will have the potential to motivate your employees, impress visitors and provide the ultimate ‘Wow” factor.
  • Expert Project Team: We put together the best expert Refit Team for your refurbishment, to ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standards and most efficiently.

In the Build phase Inglispm abide by the highest safety regulations at all time and you can expect exceptional build quality. Our skilled tradesmen use the highest quality materials to ensure your new home will be exceptional. Our project management and quality assurance team ensure each step of the process is completed to your specifications and standards.

We are able to complete part or all of your project to help you get the home of your desires. Our services range from a complete end to end design and build to being part of your project to just do the build or even just part of the build.

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